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Bachelor of Business Administration

Min. Eligibility: Pass in Higher Secondary (10+2)

Duration: 3 yrs

B.B.A. General Degree is the ideal degree for the student who wants to get into the corporate world and management. It gives the student an overall perspective into the different aspects of an organization including Finance & Accounting, Operations, HR and Marketing & Sales. Many students use the B.B.A. General degree as a stepping stone for an M.B.A. degree, but even without an M.B.A., the B.B.A. General degree is of great value to the student.

Why to Choose BBA ?

 The B.B.A General Degree equips students to work in several corporate fields like in Sales, HR, Accounting and Customer Support. Typically colleges that offer B.B.A. General Degrees also have some form of placement assistance where companies directly recruit students or students will be given contacts & help to set up interviews for themselves. Students with a B.B.A. General degree are also aware about the way companies function because of their summer projects and so they find it easy to get good entry level jobs

What will I Gain from this Programme ?

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a course that opens up many avenues for students after 12th.  BBA offers specialization in streams like accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, international business and marketing. The kind of career that a student can pursue after BBA includes sales and marketing jobs. Companies hire BBA graduates in their sales force or as management trainees. This gives direct exposure to the professional world. Some companies go for campus placements to hire BBA students with handsome packages.

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