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In any academic institution, the most important place is the classroom and the most important activity is the teaching-learning process. The teaching fraternity is a key to this process who, through their expertise, converts knowledge into wisdom, thereby making it applicable beyond the boundaries of time and space.

GIMS has a diverse pool of intellectual capital drawn from various fields, endowed with rich research and teaching experience. The efforts of core faculty members are supplemented by visiting faculty from leading institutions and organizations.

GIMS Teaching Methodology

The methods of teaching used at the GREENWAY INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES are as per the guidelines of Uttrakhand Technical University. The basic teaching tools are:


Lectures by faculty members give students basics on how to approach the course. It becomes the starting point of thinking and reading the course.

Tutorials and Discussions

The tutorials with large class size, take up application oriented issues, solving problems, case studies and discussions on issues concerning various topics. Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions. Tutorials are also used as a platform for intensive discussions of coursework which forms basis of final assessment.


Seminars and Presentations involve a big group of students. Usually the group led by a member of staff, discusses one aspect of a subject in depth. It could be, for example, on an exercise or case or an essay that an individual student has presented. The students should devote a major portion of their time to intensive analytical study and discussion of real life business situations set forth in selective case studies. They are encouraged to consider competing viewpoints to promote creative discovery.


whiteboard is a virtual learning environment (VLE) that enables faculty members and students to share learning material, communicate and collaborate on-line. It is web based and can therefore be accessed from any computer with a web browser and Internet connection. This is an important source of the GIMS learning environment, where students can access learning material put up by the GIMS faculty. This is an extension to class room teaching and one to one interaction in tutorials with faculty members.

Students are encouraged to explore and access   the whiteboard to get maximum benefits and learning material for their benefit. For accessing this system, students are registered and given passwords. All extra reading material and research based papers are uploaded by the faculty for the students to access. This also enables the students and faculty to access the online library resources which includes journals, articles and business reports from Uttrakhand Technical University.

Guest Lectures

Guest Lectures by eminent personalities in business and social sectors are conducted on a regular basis to provide students with valuable insight into contemporary business and industrial perspectives and the current socio-economic environment.

Industry Visits

Industry visits are organized to provide a proper understanding of the industrial sector and relate theory to real life situation. The students in the past have visited the companies falling in the following industries: sewing, fashion Designing, Banking, software manfactures  & Stock Exchange.


Written coursework constitutes an important part of the learning process of the course. Most modules require coursework assignments, which may be individual or group projects, wherein students are expected to apply the concepts to real life management problems. The coursework are counted towards the end term assessment.

Effective Learning Service

The aim of the Effective Learning Service is to help students at GIMS Undergraduate Business School to be more effective learners and work to the best of their abilities in course work assignments and examinations.

The Effective Learning Service helps the students by offering advice on effective learning techniques, e.g. how to write well-structured and organized assignments, take better notes, manage your time, give good presentations – and generally help you get better results from your studies. It also gives students an opportunity to talk through any learning-related difficulties the students may be having, e.g. problems with getting started with writing an assignment, anxiety about exams, presentations and other potentially stressful situations It runs workshops throughout the year on effective-learning techniques.

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