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Why Part Time With Us ?

Here are some of the main reasons why people undertake part-time studies:

  • A busy schedule. If you have a family, full-time job and other responsibilities, going back to school can seem overwhelming, if not impossible. This is why many return students decide to go to school part-time. With only a few hours of class per week, and less homework than a full class load, it’s much easier to juggle everything you have to do without going crazy. Many people can’t afford to quit their job to focus on school entirely, which is why part-time studies make a lot of sense.
  • More flexibility. The “open-ended” aspect of part-time studies allows students to work around school and schedule their life in ways that are more accommodating. Work during the day and attend classes at night, or vice versa. Go to a few classes and then head home to spend some time with the kids. Whatever your life demands, going to college part-time lets you achieve your dreams on your schedule.
  • Financial reasons. When you spread your studies over a longer period of time, you don’t have to pay as much right away. Most part-time students pay only for the classes they are taking. Taking fewer classes means less cost, including buying fewer of the very expensive college text books. Because the payments are spread out, and because many part-time students also work, you can get your education without incurring the large debt that some full-time students acquire.
  • Continuing education. If you’re returning to school for the express purpose of upgrading your current job skills and applying for promotions at work, going part-time is a necessity. You can keep your current position and gain up-to-date knowledge on subjects in your industry. In this case, going back to school part-time gives you the edge on your colleagues when it comes to advancing your career.

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